Two Days!

Two Days! Two more days until summer ends. Technically tomorrow is the last. “Tomorrow is the last day of school. Hip Hip Hooray. Tomorrow is the last day of school!”

This has been the loooonnngggeest school year ev-er. Thanks to Howrd County NOT filing for waiver snow days our kids are in school the longest in Maryland. Summer will be sweet, but the new school year will come all too soon.

Of course, this summer as last we have projects to work on. Workbooks to do. Math facts to learn. Books to read.

The kids are not copmplaining about the long school year. Thankfully all three love school. SO why am I compaining?

snow days,snomg,snowmageddon,Washington D.C.I have a hard time with change. I like to get a set of dates and stick to them. Don’t like change. Although I have to say that each school year, the last day of school is changed due to snow days. I should be used to it by now.

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