Relaxation Redux + I Need a Sponsor for #BlogHer

I DESPERATELY need a timeout. I last had a relaxed neck and back in 2005. My husband gave me a gift certificate for a massage and pedicure. My relaxation level was high until I returned to my home. I was met by hungry, needy, and clingy kids. Bye by relaxation. Hello stress. My neck is a hot bed of tension. My back is always one step away from twingey-ness. I’m a hot mess in the relaxation department.

I wrote the above as a response to a #BlogHer contest to win among other things an Elizabeth Arden facial, plus stone massage, manicure, pedicure, a meal at the Russian Tea Room and of course moula ($1,000).

The $1,000 would certainly help me out as I am currently sponsorless. I assured my husband I would get a sponsor. Starting to wonder if I will get one. Panic is setting in a little.

Brands? I would love to represent you at BlogHer ’10 in NYC. BlogHer is the biggest gathering on moms who blog, women who blog, and even men who blog. Your brand would be front and center as I represent you at BlogHer. I am a person who plans to meet as many people as I can at BlgHer. While I cannot hand out swag or coupons I will tell everyone I meet about your brand.

I would be willing to:

  • write two posts in July, August, and September about your product or service.
  • wear a t-shirt for one of the conference days.
  • I will tweet before and after the conference on new products, discounts, deals.
  • I will recommend your Facebook page to my followers in my tweets.
  • I will recommend your brand as one of my #followfriday picks for the Fridays leading up to BlogHer and the Fridays in August.
  • I will place a badge or button on my blog for July and August.

Interested in sponsoring me? Contact Jill at JillAnneBerry @ msn . com.

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