Tweens Love Hair

When my girls were little I could barely get a brush through their hair without shrieks and yells. Now that the girls are older, both are completely consumed with their hair. The style. The hair products. The cut. And did I mention the hair products?

I don’t recall the moment when both girls took control of their hair away from me and my brush of death…their words not mine. There are days when I raise an eyebrow at the hairstyles the tween and teen come up with. Side ponytail? Part so low on one side it looks like a combover? Too long bangs? I have fought the good fight and lost with their hair. For the most part, both come to the breakfast table with combed and styled hair. My son on the other hand…well, let’s just say we keep his hair short for a reason.

The other day my tween helped me review a very interesting craft kit. For the tween and teen girl in your life who is hair obsessed, the Scientific Explorer Heavenly Hair. Oh and by the way, having older kids when you do reviews is great. I give my kids the pick of which toys/crafts/movies to review. I listen to the kids’ feedback and write my review based on their review.

Heavenly Hair KitMy tween daughter chose to do the kit on a night after homework and before bed. From the box, I wasn’t sure what the kit would contain. Hair beading device? Barrettes?

I was surprised when I saw my daughter pouring liquid from bottle to bottle. She carefully measured and mixed. Her creation were bottles of custom-made shampoo and conditioner. The kit came with a hair brush and toweling hair wrap.

She was occupied for close to an hour. The time factor for this kit is a key selling point. When my children were little a craft kit would last for several craft sessions. The children would start the kit, get bored, and finally complete the kit days or weeks later. I have kept craft kits that all three of the children have had a hand in completing.

When each child turned 10, I noticed that crafts lasted minutes rather than days. This Scientific Explorer Heavenly Hair is a keeper. It took about an hour to create the hair product. She’ll have more enjoyment when she uses the shampoo and conditioner. Tweens are VERY in to pampering themselves as we all know!

The Scientific Explorer Heavenly Hair Kit is manufactured by GiddyUp/Elmer’s Products. Price: $20

I was given this product for review. The views expressed in this review are my own. The links in this review are to my amazon.

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