Going it Alone or Going as a Group to #BlogHer

I’m still not sure what I thought of BlogHer. I wrote a couple of posts, but I only skimmed the surface. BlogHer was SO big.

I purposefully chose to go it alone all 4 days. I knew I had events to go to, but knew it would be almost impossible to coordinate logistics. I took a cab with 2 women to the Simply Smart event, but other than that I kept to myself, too. We chatted very briefly at Simply Smart.

I found people to eat lunch with. On Saturday night I drifted from group to group for the Sparklecorn dancing party. Even though I chatted to people throughout the weekend, I spent chunks of time by myself.

The drawback for me to “going it alone” is that I miss out on the groups that form at blogging conferences. I know people who do everything together. As much as I would like to do that, I get antsy when waiting for others.

I hear people talk about late night PJ parties…that wasn’t my BlogHer. Even though my BlogHer was more solitary than I would have liked, I still had fun.

I tell you what…at the next BlogHer or another conference, we need to hang out!

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