To Twitter or Not to Twitter

I often write about my daily trials and tribulations over at in 140 characters or less, I vent or complain or observe. Very tidy, except that then I realize that this blog gets neglected. So, here is an honest to goodness post about our daily goings on in the Mom on the Run household.

This morning was not our finest hour. Not horrible or a screamfest, but just a “we did not get it together” sort of morning. My older daughter is on a crack-of-dawn bus. Once she is on the bus I either catch a catnap on the couch or busy myself in the kitchen with lunches since it is still so early. Hello…daylight savings time and crazy school schedulers I am talking to you.

This morning I logged on to the computer–big mistake. As usual I got hooked on reading e-mail subscriptions from blogs and well that was that I lost track o’ time. I left the younger two to eat breakfast at the table while I tried to finish what I was doing. After hearing “he touched my foot” and “that’s not fair” once to often I walked back in to the kitchen. By then we were really close to the bus time. I decided to switch my son’s coat for a warmer one…rip, tear, struggle to get tags off. My daughter decided she wanted to check out something on the other side of the family room. My son started to give me a long and convoluted explanation about why he did not pay for milk yesterday — he now has a ziploc bag with two days worth of milk money…will he remember? I’ll let you know.

As we walked out the garage door the bus had already passed our street. Cue…frantic rush in to house for me to find car keys, purse, shoes, coat. We caught the bus before it left the development. Sheesh I don’t need this type of excitement!

Oh, and my daughter forgot her clarinet again. My daughter was also wearing snow boots for some reason. No time for her to change in to shoes. She likes boots, but really should wear sneakers as she has orthotics in her shoes to correct a foot problem. I told her I would be confiscating her boots for a week. Prior to going back to school after Xmas break I told both my girls that they could wear their boots (Crafty Daughter has a new pair of Uggs — more about purchasing these boots in another post and Sporty Daughter has a pair of white furry snow boots) once a week. I made this decision for several reasons: both girls love wearing boots, but need to wear their sneakers due to the need to wear their orthotics on a regular basis– so wearing boots once a week is at least a change of pace; and many girls in their school wear just about anything on their feet…Crocs, slippers, boots, flip flops (yes in the winter!) — so wearing shoes for them makes them feel as though they stand out. I understand that neither of them are happy about wearing sneakers, but we need to deal with their foot issues. The orthotics are helping to correct their foot problems.

So, just another crazy morning hear at Mom on the Run Chronicles.

Still haven’t heard from two of the winners of the Progresso Gift Basket. Linda and Christina — e-mail me with your mailing addresses. If I don’t hear from them by this afternoon, I will choose two new winners. This was only my second giveaway. I know what I need to do for the next giveaway!

Tomorrow I will have a SWEET giveaway to tell you about! Stay Tuned…

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