Time Speeds By

So let’s see. The summer is over half way over. I’m sure this is not the first time and it certainly won’t be the last time I’ll exclaim “Wow, where did the summer go?”

Summer, like every other season, flies by. Did life move slower when I was working and had no children? Did I putter about during the baby and toddler days? Did the days seem endless during the years when I had little kids? Our calendar was certainly not so full. I could manage the day-to-day events for my baby and myself quite easily. I never felt that life was speeding by. On the contrary, I often felt that the days were endless. Would my husband ever get home…I’d ponder as I stared at the unmoving hands of the clock.

What I wonder give for time to standstill. My oldest will be college hunting this coming school year. Her younger sister is about to start high school. Even the baby…my youngest…is heading in to 4th grade. Almost done with elementary school. Hard to believe. There’s only one solution. Time needs to stop rushing by so quickly.

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