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I was looking at the last 7 or so posts. I’m a little horrified to see that all of the posts are giveaways or product reviews. Nothing against giveaways and reviews…it is just that I have lost the blogging about me/Musings from Me mojo.

My excuse…end-of-the-school year shenanigans, end-of-season mayhem, beginning of summer swim team high jinx, and all that jazz. Yes, I am a cliche-monger tonight, but you get the idea. Just Bu-sy.

Well, now that we have essentially our summer planned, it is my goal to get back to blogging about what is going on in our lives starting now…

Mud and lots of it describe our last swim meet. My legs are still sore from the bug bites. Bugs love mud, slippy sloppy wet mud. The swim meet was like a scene from Tootsie…you remember the scene where Bill Murray says “I hate people who say I loved your play” instead he goes on to say that he wants people to come and see his play after being in the worst rain storm of their lives and seek shelter in the theater where he is putting on his play.

Yep, it was that kind of rain…torrential, pounding down rain. And I wasn’t even inthe rain at the beginning. You know who was though…my children and the other children who are on our summer swim team. Those kids were troopers. I heard zero complaints from kids. Zero. The parents — well, what can I say the parents were not happy with the rain. I heard more than a few wonder hopefully if the swim meet would be cancelled due to rain. Note: The swim meet is only cancelled due to lightning/thunder. In all the rain of Saturday, no thunder and lightning at all. 

Trying and failing to download pictures. Having the same problem with my blogger blogs. hate it when it is a me thing. I am the kiss of death for technology right now. Technology = FTW

No pictures…so I will describe the scene. Coaches huddled under awning by the side of pool or wrapped in towels and blankets. Kids dashing about the pool deck totally oblivious to the inclement weather. Adults decked out in Disney rain ponchos. So mad I left mine behind! Families sharing a tent awning. I stood under a drippy roof so that my children remained dry. All of this was going on while kids from 4 through 18 swam race after race. 

I wish I had a picture of the muddy feet atop diving blocks. The area where the kids line up to wait for their race to be called is a muddy mess in the lightest of rain! It was a mud bath.

Speaking of mud. At some point I walked back and forth taking pictures for the swim team blog that I had squelchy muddy feet. I also had a suscpicion that my legs were spleckled with mud. Let’s just say I was surprised when a mom friend let me know that I had mud up my back to my shoulders. Yep, just call me an inclement weather fashion plate. My daughter sprayed me with the pool hose. Yeah, I’m all that and a bag of chips.

Phew, it felt good to get back to posting about my Musings from Me on Kids, Preteens, and Teens. BTW, did you see my header…my first professionally designed header from my good friend Mariana/@ohmariana. She is a talented designer. She helped — helped is an understatement — me transfer my blog from blogger to WP. In a month my blog has gone from makeshifty and wonky to polished and snazzy. I log in to my blog and do a double take — the look is so good.

Of course, now the bar is raised and I need to continue writig posts. Recipe for success…twitter less, Facebook a little, write for and

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