This Part of My Life Is Called…Rushing


The carpool line.

To borrow a line from the Pursuit of Happiness…”This part of my life is called…rushing.”

Rushing. Dashing. Flying. Scrambling. These words describe my day-to-day life. I’m a wife…a mom…a work-at-home mom…a taxi driver…a housekeeper…an errand runner….a laundress…a maker of lunches…a finder of lost items. I “hold” all of these jobs and more. Some of these jobs I do simultaneously. I get few breaks. I’m paid no salary…well except for my work-at-home mom job! All of my “jobs” are important. All vital to my day-to-day life and, of course, to my family.

My jobs are not without challenges. You didn’t think everything would be smooth sailing, did you? Smooth sailing? Nope. I have challenges all day long. “Time” challenges. “Getting everything done” challenges. “Fitting it all in” challenges. “Finding time in the day” challenges.

Over the last umpteen years I have adopted a policy. My policy is to take each day as it comes. Plan for every part of the day but PLAN for disruptions to the day’s plan. I keep a triumvirate of calendars…family online calendar…work online calendar…and wall calendar. Even with this trio of organization I’m at the mercy of sick kids, unexpected doctor appointments, service calls from plumbers and the like, and more.

I’ve learned to be flexible but I don’t love being at the mercy of all and sundry. I roll with the punches…there’s no other choice.

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