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I’m on the road A LOT. My body is permanently bent in the shape of my seat. No, really…when I get out of my minivan after school carpool, drives to and from soccer practice, or after returning from swim practice, I need to stretch and bend. I’m a literal pretzel! Really, I should just get myself a trucker’s license…for all the hours I’m squashed in my minivan. Seriously, I’m a road warrior for sure! To keep me on track during all my hours of driving carpool, I have ALL the necessities on hand…a box of tissues…hand wipes…several books on CD…change for tolls…a notepad and pen…my phone. Once I am on the road to school or soccer practice, I’d rather not stop for any reason. I want to just drive. But do you know what item I want but never have in my minivan? Snack foods…healthy ones especially.

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I crave snack foods when I am on the road. More often than I should, I eat just a bite for breakfast or skip lunch so I can get more work done before picking up the kids. By the time I’m driving I am hungry…verging on hangry! I want ALL the snack foods. On early morning runs to school…or late evening runs home from swim practice…no matter whether the kids are in the minivan or not, I want a snack food to tide me over until the next meal. But I really need healthy snack ideas…not junk food.

Pollinate Weight Watchers Jolly Time Popcorn 100 Calorie BagsI spend literally hours in my minivan each day shuttling kids to and from school, packages to and from the post office, and shopping for family meals and snack foods. I have everything but the kitchen sink in my minivan, so why don’t I ever have snacks? Well, snacks left in my minivan don’t survive. They just don’t. Between the kids stomping from seat to seat crushing everything in their wake to the beating snacks foods take from being left in a hot minivan in summer or out in the cold in the winter, snack foods never survive. I want to put a bunch of healthy snacking substitutes in bags in my van for my inevitable carpool driving munchies. Healthy snack foods are the best option for me, so I’m thankful I found Weight Watchers branded snack foods in my local ShopRite.

Pollinate Weight Watchers BowlWith the school year underway, my driving schedule of school carpool, soccer practice drop offs, and the many, many swim practice pickups is well underway. This school year instead of craving snack foods, I will be snacking on healthy snack foods, like Weight Watchers Dark Chocolate Candies and Jolly Time Healthy Pop Butter 100 Calorie Bags of Popcorn. Mmmm. I don’t look forward to driving all the miles I do, but these snacks will satisfy my cravings as I drive, drive, and drive. I’m geared up for the drive with tissues, books on CD, my phone, but this school year, I’m thrilled to be adding healthy snack foods from Weight Watchers to my list of carpool driving necessities. I’ve put a bunch of healthy snacking substitutes in small bags on my kitchen counter…all ready for me to grab AND go.

Pollinate Weight Watchers Dark Chocolate Candies Jolly Time Healthy Pop Butter 100 Calorie BagsSo before you get in the car to do your carpool school pickup…load up the kids and ALL their gear on the way to soccer practice…set off to run ALL the errands, stop by your local ShopRite (or PriceRite depending on where you live) for some healthy snacking options from Weight Watchers. When you shop at your local ShopRite at between 9/11 and 9/24, you’ll receive a coupon for $5 off your next purchase when you buy $15 worth of Weight Watchers snacks while supplies last.

Want to try some Weight Watchers snacks? Select ShopRite (or PriceRite depending on your location) will have a Sampling Event on 9/18 between 10-4. Stop by to try great products and get a coupon!

What You Need To Know About Weight Watchers Snack Foods

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