The Last Flu Shot Standing

I should have know something was up… We arrived at the doctor EARLY for our appointment and saw a doctor IMMEDIATELY. Now as you know I tend to be a procrastinator and doctors tend to keep me waiting even when I am late — so generally I am the one killing time in the waiting room reading the dog-eared copy of Sesame Street to my son or attempting to read a magazine despite constant interruptions.

I hardly had time to crack open the magazine let alone read it when we were ushered in for my preteen’s well visit. Her birthday was over a month ago, but due to insurance we have to wait a full calendar year to go in for a well visit. Add in the fact that I prefer not to take kids out of school if I can help it. After school appointments are extremely hard to get. Once scheduled we NEVER cancel.

The visit went well. We had the doctor who we like but never see. The sheer numbers of doctors in our practice coupled with 4 different offices means we rarely see the same doctor twice in a row. I’m contemplating a switch to a doctor with evening hours, but do like the doctors in our practice.

The Flu Shot! I almost forgot about the flu shot. So the preteen and kid got shots. I got one as well. My husband was bringing our daughter from her afterschool activity — I warned the receptionist that both would arrive around 4 and need flu shots. 

As we left the exam room to get sticker and lollipop, I heard muttering and hand gestures about how many flu shots were left. Raised eyebrows. I saw the nurse flash the number “One.” I lingered by the lollipops eyeing the large crowd in the waiting room and willing my husband to get here QUICK. as I was sure the last shot was a goner — my husband and daughter were ushered in like celebrities! The flu shot turned in to the flu mist — not what I wanted, but at least we were all covered.

Now walking out of the waiting room was to say the least awkward as angry looks were shot our way. Hey, we’ve been patients at the practice since 1995 — there have to be some perks to longevity.

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