The Jensen Project: Family Movie Night #jensenproject

What is the Jensen Project? I’m not sure. I know it has something to do with Family Movie Night. I can totally stand behind any force to get families together…eating dinner together, family game night, etc. The writeup sounds as though it is right up my alley.

Here’s what I know…

The Jensen Project is on July 16 at 8/7c. To follow the conversation plus follow tweets about the show use hashtag #jensenproject.

About the Film
The world is hanging by a string. Can this family pull it together?

After a 16-year absence, Claire and Matt Thompson are reintroduced to The Jensen Project — a secret community of geniuses conducting advanced underground research to solve the world’s most difficult problems. The former scientists, accompanied by their tech-minded teenage son Brody, are thrust into a frantic pursuit to keep a potentially dangerous technology from falling into the wrong hands. As the family races against the clock to stop the group’s rogue faction, they discover an important truth. In this high-pressure, high-tech world, sometimes the smartest thing we can do is lean on each other.

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