Table Talk Tuesday: Mom on the Run Meets Broken Record

Table Talk Tuesday: Would you rather be smarter, more athletic, or better looking?

I’m late to the game, but want to participate. We had a rushed dinner last night so no questions were asked of my three kidlets. It was “Eat,” “Eat,” and “Don’t argue at the table!” Ugghhh Would I love a break from my “table talk.”

Broken Record meet Mom on the Run. Mom on the Run meet Broken Record. Mom on the Run proceeds to let out her 13 years of dinner time frustrations by smashing Broken Record into a million smithereens. Mom on the Run feels very satisfied. Broken Record is well broken. Uh, where was I again. What was I writing this post about???

My answer to Table Talk Tuesday brought you by Christy at is I would rather be smarter at anything computer related. I can write my blog, do some linky things, network on twitter and FaceBook, but I wish I understood HTML coding and graphic design better. I took some graphic design classes. I know what looks good and what doesn’t…I just cannot use programs to create what I want to create. Goal for 2009: dust of Master Collection CS3 and practice, practice, practice…

If you want to participate, hop on over to RealLifeAdventures and sign up for Mr. Linky.

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