Moms and MeTime and MeTime Shirts

My friend, Lindsay, over at SuburbanTurmoil, posted about MeTime. Here’s my thoughts on Moms and MeTime.

MeTime is such a personal issue. I have friends who constantly do things to benefit themselves. SAHM with babysitters coming daily so that they can pamper themselves. SAHM dressed very well who look as though they never play on the
floor with their kids. SAHM who put their kids in full-day preschool. I’m not trying to sound judgmental, but giving examples of what I have seen. I’ve been on both sides of the MeTime camp. I’ve been at home for 13 years.

For the first 6+ I was a WAHM. My time was spent with my kids, working, or doing
household tasks with my husband. I had no MeTime at all. I was burnt out spending 24/7 raising kids and doing freelance editing. I was able to quit my job once my husband got his PhD.

For the last 6+ years I have been a full-time SAHM. I can honestly say that I am happy that I have the opportunity to raise my son without working. He got the benefit of my undivided attention for the first 5 years of his life. I was able to have a little MeTime. I had the time and the inclination to join a Book Club and scrapbooking group, and develop friendships that I did not have time for in the first 6 years of motherhood.

Roll on, MeTime.

Have you heard about MeTime shirts?

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