Suze Orman, I Need Your Help!

Next week, Parent&Child will be talking to Suze Orman! Like any mom I struggle with how to teach my children about money. I’m not the best money manager, so wonder how I will help my children become money savvy?

I posed these questions to SuzeOrman:

I blog about raising a kid, a preteen, and a teen and living to blog about it at Musings. Like the moms/dads who read my blog, I want to teach my children about money. Kids, preteens, and teens are faced with so many ads on TV and on the internet for STUFF. Sometimes they want EVERYTHING —  toys, clothes, and electronic gadgets.

How do I teach a kid and a preteen and a teen about the value of money? All three are at different developmental stages. I find myself treating all three in the same way. I want to differentiate, so that each child learns about money in an age appropriate way.

How do I teach my children that they can’t always get what they want? My kids don’t get everything, but it seems as though the “Gimmies” are a constant battle.

How do I pass on to my children that we as a family might spend a large amount of money on a trip or household item, but it not acceptable for one child in the family to expect to have a large amount of money spent on them?

Do you have a question you’d like Suze Orman to answer? Email ASAP

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