Suzanne Franco — The Next Blogging Idol

Came across someone who wants to be the next Blogging Idol. I’m a huge American Idol fan, so this one caught my eye. If you feel you want to support her, read what I found on Suzanne’s site. By the way, if Suzanne Franco wins the Blogging Idol, I could win a Blogging Boot Camp Class. From Suzanne Franco’s site:

Suzannnnnnne Franco …. Come onnnnnn down … you’re the next contestant on Blogging Idol 2!
I’m so excited right now! November 1st … today is the day I’ve been dreaming about!
I’m on a quest to earn the title of “Blogging Idol” in the second ever Blogging Idol contest held by Daniel Scocco on his blog, “Daily Blog Tips.” The contest will run from November 1, 2008 through November 30, 2008.

I really want this! I mean really, really … really! So if you’re willing to help me earn this title I’m willing to do some great things for you too! For the past year and a half I have been working feverishly to launch my “Blogging for Bucks BootCamp” and it’s nearly complete. In exchange for your support and for helping me attempt to win this contest I’m going to give you a spot in my upcoming BootCamp … for FREE.

Blogging for Bucks BootCamp is a very extensive class that will teach you from start to finish how to actually make money blogging and I promise you no detail has been overlooked. It’s going to retail for $297 so that ought to tell you how much work I’ve put into it and how much I appreciate your willingness to help me take a stab at winning this contest. I’m going to be limiting the class size so you better hurry up and get in on this one NOW!
Read Some Details About Blogging for Bucks BootCamp

It won’t take you but a couple of minutes to help me out and in exchange you’ll receive my $300 gift … for FREE!

So … here’s what I need you to do for me:

– Subscribe to my RSS Feed Here on My Blog
Subscribe to my RSS Feed. (If you don’t understand what that is or how to subscribe you can read my step-by-step post here … it’s really easy once you “get it”).
Cast Your Vote for Suzanne Franco!
Once we start the voting phase I’d appreciate it if you’d go to Daniel’s site and cast your vote for Suzanne Franco as the next Blogging Idol.

– Blog About My Quest to Be the Next Blogging Idol
If you really want to see me take this thing you can also blog about my mission to be the next Blogging Idol and link back to this post (preferably with the anchor text “Suzanne Franco ~ the Next Blogging Idol”). If you do this for me … I’ll add your site to my Sponsor Directory page. You’ll get a FREE link (using your anchor text) with a 200 character description of your site. My blog has a PR3 so you’ll get a great backlink and this is also a great way to get the word out about your site and to hopefully bring you some new visitors.

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