It Is #BlackFriday Isn’t It?!

Shopping is a necessity not a desire. For me I shop when I need things. My days of browsing the racks and window shopping are long gone.

I have a more precise, laser-like method of shopping than in my teen/college/premarriage years. If I need it, I buy it. If I see it on a rack, I buy it. If I browse the internet and see something I want, I buy it. And the item must be on sale…or I have a coupon…or it is a deal on a deal site. If I can’t save money, I’m not buying it.

countdown to black friday

Even before I was serious about shopping with a stack of high-value coupons in one hand and a bunch of coupons loaded on to my store discount card in my other hand, I liked to save. And way before I had a coupon pouch, I was a bargain shopper. Especially on Black Friday.

The bargains to be had can be plentiful. No matter what time of day, day of the week, or season you shop. You just have to look for the deals. And the bonanza bargain time is Black Friday, particularly Black Friday 2011.

My daughters and I will scan the ads. Even my son and husband will get busy. Peruse the books. Ogle at the savings. Analyze the bargains. And plan our assault on Black Friday. Armed with the Black Friday ads I’ll establish a game plan. Set the alarm and Go!

One Black Friday, in particular, I spotted a sale on Power Wheels cars at Walmart. I was beside myself with glee and joy and excitement and every other emotion as I cradled the Black Friday ads book in my hot little hands. I knew my kids would love seeing the two surprises under the tree.

I rose at 4 a.m. to get over to Walmart. Raced back to the toy area. Spotted the two cars I wanted.

  • I knew my 5-year-old would love the Fisher Price Power Wheels Kawasaki Quad. I could see her four-wheeling through our yard. This was a little girl who could rock a pair of camo cargo pants one day and wear a Disney Princess dress the next.
  • The Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler Rubicon would be perfect for my 3-year-old. I knew that though she wasn’t quite ready to “drive” on her own. she would love to be driven around in style by her big sis.

I manhandled one Power Wheels vehicle in to a shopping cart while keeping an eye on the other vehicle. The first vehicle was boxed up, which made it slightly easier to get in the shopping cart. How I managed to lift it in to the cart…I don’t have a clue. Brute force and determination I guess! I rolled the cart containing one of the Power Wheels vehicles while pushing the other boxed Power Wheels vehicle. Took me a while to get to the register as I slid and pushed and shuffled and rolled and dragged both of the huge boxes. I was relieved that the check out line was short.

Once at the register, I was surprised when the prices rang up differently than what I thought I saw. I looked at the Walmart Black Friday ads. Looked at the cash register. Looked at the two Power Wheels boxes I had just manhandled. To my horror I realized that the “too good to be true” sale prices were actually not Black Friday deals at all. No! The deals were just sale prices. I had misread the ad circular. I felt a little kooky. I told myself I’d come back the next day. I abandoned both Power Wheels boxes with a sales clerk and shuffled back home to bed. I knew I needed backup (AKA my husband) to help me manhandle the boxes in to the van.

So, if you’re headed to Walmart Black Friday 2011, don’t forget to check out the amazing deals here.

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