Surviving and Living

Last week was quite a week. Last week was the second week of school…it felt like week 40. No honeymoon period for us. We are full tilt in to the whole school thing. Volleyball practice. One of the kids made the Varsity team. And swim team…you know that’s no small commitment. And we have a kid who literally wants to do EVERYTHING. I kid you not. That kid would sign up for sword fighting if he could.

So we’re busy. BUSY. VERY BUSY. Last year my husband was my go-to guy for the taxi service. 3 kids + 2 parents = Lots of driving. This year our car pool never took off. And the other car pool was too tricky to even contemplate let alone plan. So I am doing the lion’s share of the driving. What about Coach Dad? While I am ferrying our high schooler hither, thither, and yon, he is at his high school doing his part as one of the school administration team.

I knew when he accepted the job that it would mean a lifestyle change for me. No more picking up the phone and calling for backup. But, the perks of the job will hopefully outweigh the lack of driving assistance. The one perk I am super psyched about is that we can actually plan a vacation. He gets set weeks of vacation. We’re still tied to the school academic year, but will have a little flexibility here and there.

So what else have I been doing?

  • I was quoted in this article about breastfeeding. I laid it on the line. I’m usually not that candid on my blog about what makes me tick.
  • Earlier this month, I weighed in on RedBook on the weighty issue of to help or not to help your child with his school project. I was up against @SelfishMom in this battle. Who was the victor? What side did I come down on? Click here to find out.
  • You know I am the Community Manager of a Forum — the MomSpark Forum — that is fresh off a successful promotion of all things BlogHer. I lived, ate, and devoured anything BlogHer11 related on Twitter, Facebook, and through emails and blog postings. No item too small. No detail too insignificant. So, now that BlogHer is over the Forum is open once again for you and the rest of the blogging community to post your giveaways, your tips and resources on Disney, your questions on blogging and social media, and deals. If you have a deal or a coupon or a discount, post it to the MomSpark Forum. We love our community of bloggers!
  • And last but not least is Yoursphere. I’m running a Mom Ambassador Program. We invited a group of moms who blog to blog about THE place fot kids and tweens…

So, what’s up with you? Kids back in school? Do you have a new job? New routine? Spill it…I would love to know about how you are doing!

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