Getting All MacGyver with It

I’m your man…uh…mom….I mean woman for the job. As a mom of 3, I entered the blogosphere late…very late. My youngest was already 5 years old. Can you say scramble? That’s right I had to scramble and race and forage for stuff to post about.

12-, 10-, and 5-year-olds are interesting and fascinating creatures on any day or hour of the week, but there’s a catch. You can’t blog about practically anything to do with their lives. You can mention their names, of course. You can’t add details about school, subjects, teachers, academics issues good or bad, ditto for behavior.

With every little humorous detail of their lives off limits from tweeting, Facebooking, and blogging about, I was left with no choice but to get all McGyver on my blog. I literally had to grab a nugget of information and spin it in to a tale that was worthy of my blog. I oftentimes had to get creative and dredge up a story from long ago to illustrate the topic I was blogging about. But, I did it and continue to do it. I blog about my kids and our family in a way that will not injure or humiliate or jeopardize my kids’ futures. My older two read my blog. Not once have either of the girls questioned something that I have written about them.

So why am I mentioning this… My special gift is that I can make lemons out of lemonade. That’s right I can take a product that I need to write a review on and draw the reader in to the review by telling a story that is both honest about how we liked the product and protective of my kids’ feelings. I know what are the necessary elements of blog reviews. I write 3-4 reviews a week that highlight the key features of the product while showcasing our family’s real-world interaction with it.

I submitted this post as part of an application to be a Yahoo Get-It-Guide Guru.

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