Supernanny Interruptus

supernanny-joThe older girls were safely on the bus. The 6th grader — just back from Outdoor Education Camp — did not have her tie- dye t-shirt, but other than that all was well. I turned the TV on around 7 a.m. intending to watch the news. Somehow I ended up watching Supernanny.

I don’t usually watch TV in the a.m. I have a policy of not letting the kids watch TV before school — in spite of this I sometimes turn on the TV and watch with the volume down. I’m sneaky like that. Invariably, someone shows up. Figures!

The 6-year-old wandered in this morning as I was watching an episode of Supernanny about a family with 3 boys who fight and hit each other constantly. I turned it off. No sense in allowing my son to see this type of household hijinks. We’re not a physical type of family and want to remain as such.

Has this ever happened to you? Do your children come and join you as you are stealing a quick minute to watch some TV? Invariably when I watch Oprah in the afternoon I have to turn it off due to an episode about cross dressing or transgenderism. Figures!

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