Sun Sets on Summer

In our house summer is divided in to two parts.

Part 1 encompasses May and June when the kids are still in school and the rest of June and all of July when the kids are out of school. May through July is all about finishing up the school year and swim team. We spend hours at swim meets every Saturday. The kids are shuttled back and forth to practice by either me or their dad. I volunteer as the communications contact for the swim team. By the end of July we are done. Stick a fork in me done with the heat. We can’t wait for Part 2 of the summer to begin.

Part 2 of the summer is relaxing and far less stressful than the first part of the summer. During Part 2 we might go on vacation for a week or so.

This summer we trekked to southern California. After returning home, we set about doing relatively nothing. My son had a half-day camp one week. My daughter had volleyball tryouts. My husband is back at work. But, for the most part we have a lot of nothing going on. After walking for what seemed like days in California, the kids are quite ready to relax and enjoy the last days of summer.

Are your kids enjoying the last days of summer? Any last minute day trips planned? Do your kids start school after Labor Day?

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