Star Trek…I Don’t Get It

I don’t “get” Star Trek. There I said it. When I was first married I watched all of the variations: Star Trek, Deep Space Nine, as well as the movies. I even had the poster from Star Trek Generations framed.

I liked the shows, but watched because more because my husband was watching them. My husband is a huge fan. I’m a fan of Captain Janeway, but I think it because she is a strong female leader. I’m happy that my teen daughter shares her dad’s love of all things ST.

Every Christmas my mother buys my husband a couple of the Star Trek Hallmark ornaments. This year she bought him a silver Christmas tree to hold the Star Trek ornaments. I won’t tell my husband this, but I’m a little relieved to get the Star Trek ornaments off our main Christmas tree. To me, a Christmas ornament of Warf wielding a sword is not Christmassy at all!

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