Holiday Gift Guide: #Zhuniverse Fun with #KungZhu Pets

My kids like any other kids love toys. No surprise there. We buy more than our fair share of toys. As a mom blogger who reviews toys, I review toys before the toys hit the shelves. And by review I mean that my children pounce on the toys before I have even opened the box! The Musings from Me family will put any toy through its paces.

Over the summer my son and I hosted a party for his friends. It was not a birthday party….no gifts to wrap or birthday cake to bake. We invited my son’s friends over to play with a new line of #ZhuZhupets called #KungZhu pets.

We were lucky enough to get a bunch of #ZhuZhuPets to play with last summer. The #KungZhu pets are more boy-oriented. My son had fun naming the characters. 4 months later and the kids still set up the Zhu Zhu and Kung Zhu pets playsets up in the playroom.

You can find Zhu Zhu Pets here.

Kung Zhu Pets can be found here.

And the newest Zhu Zhu Pets…Zhu Zhu Princess!

I was sent a complete set of Zhu Zhu Pets and Kung Zhu Pets, which we used for two parties for them and their friends. The views expressed in this post are my own.

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