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In the early stages of blogging, as a newbie blogger I was in awe of all that I saw — “look shiny things and rainbows!” Every blog look so much more polished, more interesting to read, funnier, more profound. It was enough to make me want to quit the whole silly far-fetched idea of blogging for good.

Ever so slowly I started having something to say. Less “blogging is a mysterious, wonderful, unfathomable, what am I doing it for world” to more of a “I can do this, I can really do this.” I stopped posting about what had for dinner and started posting on funny things my children had done, things that make me angry, and parenting tips from me. Blogging began to feel more fun to me.

Once I felt like a pseudo-blogger, I started wondering about the ethereal world of traffic otherwise known as “who in the heck is reading this blog.” I signed up for search engines and linkshare sites. The traffic did start appearing and by appearing I mean I started getting double digits per day instead of singletons.

Through feedjit I could see where searches were coming from and tailor my posts to the searches. This was somewhat effective.

Do you want to know what was more effective than anything? Signing up for Mr. Linky on blogs. I leave my link and someone new stops by. I stop by someone new. Linkie love!

Great sites for linkies:

Liz @ThisFullHouse: a mom of 4 who is a “slayer of electronic gadgets” and writes the funniest
dialogues of conversations she has with her named children and unnamed husband.

Tricia and the gang at MomDot spread the linkie love on too many posts to count…giveaways, contests, Table Talk….

MomDot:Where the Blogging Moms Go

Tara @feelslikehome is a finder of all posts “household”-related and while I am not a cook I enjoy reading her cooking/recipe posts.

Feels like home

Other sites that I could not find buttons for, but you can do for them: WordLESS Wednesday, WordFUL Wednesday, Fitness Friday, and many others. Spread the love in bloggieland!

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