Parenting Fail

Chris writes NotesfromtheTrenches a blog I read every day. I usually leave a comment because I relate to her she has preteens and teenagers as well as younger kids.

She had a post today about ways she fails as a parent. BTW, she has 7 kids so I know she knows what she is doing as far as parenting goes! Well, I can totally relate to that as that is my life. One step forward and one step back.

I wrote a lengthy comment…I know surprise, surprise and decided to morph it in to a post:

1. I do the Febreze spray thing. Trick don’t use too much.
2. I spray damp shirts with Febreze before ironing — I know, I know ironing but I offered to do it to save money at dry cleaners. I do 10 at a time while watching a movie.
3. I throw out odd socks if I can’t find the matching pair. I often find odd sock in the kids drawers as my kids like to dress and undress and toss one sock in drawer and one in hamper. Grrr.
4. I’m a poor cook. I burned boil in a bag rice and attempted to separate rice and plastic and burnt bits…but came to my sense and dumped the whole thing. I think I might have a screw loose.
5. I’ve done the hang the shirt out the window on the way to the volleyball tournament. It is still damp but not as much?!?
6. I assign the kids the cleaning of their bathroom and then don’t feel bad about them not cleaning.
7. The shoe thing — I have one daughter who will insist a shoe fits. I have to actually place my fingers on the toe of her shoe to check it. She likes her shoes too much.8. I think I may turn this in to a post.
8. I consign clothes and toys. I will remove the toy or other item from the playroom or bedroom. Hang on to it for a couple of weeks or months and then consign it. By that time the child has forgotten about it…hopefully.
9. I insist on the kids’ cleaning their rooms…at least the two older ones. I trap them in the room ans we do a massive clear out twice a year. Both hate it, but I leave their rooms with a pile of clothes to consign or giveaway. By the end both girls are not even protesting what I am doing as they just want it to be over with.
10. I pack what I want them to have for lunch — I rarely make special orders. Not a short order cook. Not even a cook!

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