Sponsored: Follow Your Child’s Reading Journey Through #AgentMagic App #famloop

Sponsored: I was given a code to try out FamLoop’s Agent Magic for this post.

FamLoop Logo Agent Magic Interactive StorybookIf I had a Native American given name. I’m not Native American, though my husband and children are part Cherokee. But, if I was bestowed a given name it would be “She Who Finds Everything Even If Lost, Missing, or Misplaced.” I truly have a gift for ferreting out missing stuff. My children veer towards Dad’s method for finding stuff, which is to (1) look around frantically, but not comb the area with a fine tooth comb, and (2) find me and beg me to find said missing item.

Though I always drop what I am doing to help my kids…and husband…ahem…find those missing elusive items, I try to give my kids the tools to find the items for themselves. My suggestions run the gamut from:

  • placing similar items in the same drawer.
  • carrying all items needed for school, camp, or a sleepover in a backpack or drawstring back.
  • going through what items were brought to an event before leaving an event.
  • doing a running check of where the item was last seen.
  • labeling items with a Sharpie or a sticky label.

FamLoop Agent Magic Interactive Storybook App

I guess you could say we are detectives or even secret agents with our dogged determination to find stuff! Speaking of secret agents my youngest tested an app for me. In the Musings from Me Family, everyone gets a chance to help Mom with reviews for her blog! Though I consider myself a savvy internet user, my kids are dad bomb when it comes to the latest and greatest tech devices an apps on the web.

My youngest put the Agent Magic Interactive Storybook App through its paces. Agent Magic is an interactive reading app from FamLoop. In fact, Agent Magic is the first ever voice-interactive iPad storybook. It is not only allows a child to “talk” to the game but there is a mystery twist. My son read through the story on Agent Magic with enthusiasm. Loved being a spy. He’s a bit older than the recommended age of 4-6, but found lots in the story to entertain him.

Screenshot FamLoop Agent Magic Interactive Storybook

StoryMates/Agent Magic is an app designed to help your kids enjoy reading and have lots of fun. It’s the perfect app for ages children ages 4-6. I loved the interactivity of the Agent Magic app. My son asked questions and was asked questions while playing the app. The questions kept him riveted to the app storybook.

What You Need to Know About Agent Magic:

  • It is designed for ages 4-6.
  • You can learn more about the app here and download it for $2.99.
  • In Agent Magic, Punky Dunk and the Goldfish use an early literacy storytelling approach called dialogic reading, which has been shown to improve kids’ reading comprehension and vocabulary.
  • Also, with the app you can share recordings of your child’s replies to questions asked of them with friends and family via Facebook or email.
  • Parents can also share their kid’s recorded replies through FamLoop’s Family Connect, which is a private family sharing network.

FamLoop’s Family Connect is a way for family members to follow their child’s reading progress. Through Family Connect, you can:

  • Play and learn with your kids or other young your relatives.
  • Encourage a child to learn and improve their reading.
  • Parents have complete control over their child’s account and the sharing of updates.
  • Follow and cheer for a child’s reading journey.

You can download Family Connect here for FREE.

Don’t forget to follow the family of apps from FamLoop on Facebook. Or follow @FamLoop on Twitter!

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