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When TJ Maxx and Home Goods arrived in my small town, it was a big-time news event. TJ Maxx shares a building with Home Goods. Both have separate entrances and cash registers, but the return desk is for both stores. I like it as I can shop for a lamp while shopping for a pair of shoes or a shirt. One -stop shopping. Gift cards for one store work in the other. Marshall’s gift cards also work in TJ Maxx. Win!

The other huge plus for TJ Maxx is that the range of larger/women’s size clothing is extensive. I wrote this poston my disgust with plus size clothing in general. But, TJ Maxx has a huge range of styles and sizes for me. Surprisingly far more than Kohl’s or department stores.

I can walk in to TJ Maxx wander up and down the racks, go through the clothing by size and type of clothing, and usually find something acceptable. Two years ago I had about 30 minutes to find an outfit suitable for a wedding and a wedding brunch in November at a country hotel. I was amazed at how quickly I found a black top, black pants, and a white dressy blouse. I was out the door with time to spare to get my son from preschool. Double Win!

The layout of TJ Maxx is conducive to my shopping style. Clothes in the middle of the store. Shoes, accessories, and toys around the perimeter of the store.

I need a “Spendervention” every so often. I’m not a clothes horse by any means, but I do get carried away and want to buy two of the same shirt or shoes. So a Spendervention is when you spend wisely.

Recently, I took  my daughters to TJ Maxx to shop for a 5th grade graduation dress for my middle daughter. My oldest daughter designated herself as personal shopper. I lectured the girls about my expectations for the dress: not too short, not too revealing, not strapless, not figure hugging. Basically I was looking for a muumuu while my 5th grader was looking for something sparkly and blingy. We met in the middle and found a black and white patterned dress with straps which was knee length. She looked gorgeous.

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Thanks to T.J. Maxx and Marshalls for giveaway.

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