Dear Clothing Manufacturer

Example of “fugly” shirt. Why all those circles? Why brown, beige, and orange?

Dear Clothing Manufactuers:

I’m not happy with the size and style of clothing that I need to wear. Three pregnancies and a largely nonexistent willpower have left me with a great deal of weight to lose. For this I take full responsibility. It is entirely my fault that I still eat the occasional bag of Doritos and still drink a Starbucks mocha from time to time. But, the state of the clothing that I choose from is entirely your fault.

As I shop in Kohl’s or well, pretty much anywhere else, I am struck by the dowdiness of the clothes offered to me as a — I can hardly bear to say it — plus-sized woman. Just the mere thought of shopping the WOMAN’s Department makes me squirm and seethe. Why must I have to choose between a shirt encrusted with rhinestones or a shirt with huge horizontal stripes? Why are my color choices limited to olive green or shocking pink?
Why do I have to stand and debate about buying this shirt or that shirt when a lady in her 80s is having the same debate? This is a serious shopping downer.
Why can I not find a ski jacket at L.L. Bean outlet in my size? Why must a plus-sized sales assistant at L.L. Bean have to tell me that I will need to order from the catalog, pay shipping, and wait a week for my order to arrive?
Why are the brand names of clothing so unappealing? Just My Size — no, not really I would rather wear any other size, thankyouverymuch. Sag Harbor — ever think of booking a trip to the lovely seaside resort Sag Harbor, nope did not think so. Fashion Bug Plus, surely you cannot be serious about this one?!?
So, Clothing Manufacturer what do you have to say for yourself about the clothing offered to me, as a plus-sized woman in her 40s. Why are my choices so limited? Why are the clothing styles offered in stores and in catalogs so completely unappealing to me? When are you gonna wake up and realize that I and woman like me want style, fashion, and attractive color choices.
In short, what are you going to do?


Mom on the Run

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