The box was huge! I placed a can of lemonade beside it to show the size.

A week of two before Christmas I was sent the KidiJamz keyboard by a nice person at V-tech. I am embarrassed to say that in the rush to get ready for Christmas and then the rush to get ready for my daughter’s 13th birthday, I neglected to post this review. But, better late than never, here is my review.

Let me just say that music has been a huge part of my children’s lives. All three attended Kindermusik classes at one time or another (Thanks, Miss Gigi!). The favorite toy at some point for all three was the basket of shakers and musical instruments. My daughters took piano lessons. My middle daughter still plays the clarinet very well. My son is too young for music lessons, but even he likes to play a song of his own making or jam on the drum kit he got last Christmas (Thanks, in laws!).

KidiJamz is an interactive music station that lets kids record their own songs and music and play it back on a detachable music player — a kid-sized ipod. Kids can mix music with 20-kid friendly tunes, 10 different musical instrument sounds, 5 musical stylings, and 3 rhythm buttons. KidiJamz features a microphone with digital voice effects, a musical scratching disc, a light-up keyboard, and a songbook.

I was expecting that my son would love the KidiJamz since he is 5. I could not have predicted how much fun my 10- and 12-year-olds would have with it. My kids have had fun making up their own songs, singing along to the pre-recorded songs, and in my son’s case, he has enjoyed walking around wearing the detachable ipod-like music player with headphones. He feels like a big kid. This product is a hit!

My daughter is singing her heart out.

My son is jammin‘ on KidiJamz. (Hey, you know I had to use the word “jam” in this review…right?!?)

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