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I was asked to join a Blogger Advisory council for Speak_Now_for_Kids by Resourceful Mommy Media, LLC. I did not have to be asked twice once I found out that 11 percent of children in the United States are not insured. Just reading that number makes me furious. ALL children should have health care coverage!

I have been blessed with three healthy children. Yes, each has had a medical issue here and there, but for the most part all three are healthy. Here’s the thing, though, we are covered by health insurance through Coach Dad’s job. I don’t have to think twice about taking one of the children to the doctor or filling a prescription as we have health insurance coverage. Whatever is not covered by insurance is paid for out of our health care spending account. So, in the end we have few out-of-pocket expenses. The same cannot be said for all families in America, which is why I am fervently behind the movement started by Speak_Now_for_Kids to move for health care coverage for all children in the United States.

Here’s some facts from the https://www.speaknowforkids.org/

Is it important for children to have health care coverage?

  • Children are more likely to get treatment for recurring illnesses and preventative care from a physician or dentist if they have insurance. As a result, they get sick less often and get needed treatment when they are sick.
  • Uninsured children and those who don’t have comprehensive insurance coverage are more likely to lack a usual source of care. Their caregivers are more likely to delay or forgo care they may need. As a result, they are more likely to be admitted to hospitals through emergency rooms.
  • Unhealthy children are more likely to miss school and their parents to miss work to care for them.
  • Many adult chronic health conditions have their origins in childhood. Chronic health conditions among children, such as asthma, obesity and developmental, learning and psychiatric disorders, are on the rise.

Now that you know more about how children receive health coverage and health care services in this country, will you speak now for them?

I recorded a video of my family’s health care experiences. I uploaded the video to https://speaknowforkids.org/sharenow.php. Once on the site you can add yourself to the United States map. All videos uploaded to the site will be sent to legislators in Washington, D.C., to help them as they consider voting for universal health care coverage for all children.

Here are ways you can help the Speak_Now_for_Kids push for universal health care coverage for kids.

1. Go to https://www.speaknowforkids.org/ and upload a video of your experiences with health care for your children.
2. Follow @speaknowforkids on Twitter
3. Join the Facebook group.

I thank you. And the children of America thank you!

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