#snOMG or #Snopocalyse or #Snomageddon

Whatever way you slice it today will live on as the┬ábiggest snow in DC history. …until the next bad snow…maybe. Until that time we can enjoy…or bitterly accept that the snow was extraordinary.

The children were on edge toward the end of the week. I had convinced the older two that school would indeed be in session n Friday. Yes…you need to do your homework. Yes…you need to go to bed. Yes…I think there will be school tomorrow. Just. Go. To. Bed.

Friday rolled around and school was in session. Half-day session at school was just what we all needed. Kids raced in the door excited for a snowy weekend. I rained on everyone’s parade with the “Family Laundry Fold.” But, the laundry got folded by all 4 of us.

Today was a great day. Kids slept in a little. We slept in, too. A rare moment of peace and quiet. Teen was asleep til noon. What time did she go to sleep on Friday night, anyway?

Breakfast was the fuel we needed to get going outside. I can say that alll 5 of us were ready to tackle the snow. Of course once we got outside. All three children disappeared to explore our yard. I let them…since the snow was astoundingly deep. 22 inches…wow…amazing.

My teen found a hideout underneath a Leland Cypress. She was playing so happily that she even invited the tween and 6-year-old to join her. The kids played outside under the tree until I saw the teen hobbling towards me without one of her boots on. I looked at my teen and asked “Why is your boot in your hand?” and ” Why are you walking around with one boot?” Apparently her boot was filled with snow. It wasn’t long before she headed inside. No spare boots. For some reasoon she didn’t like my suggestion of wearing a grocery bag on each of her feet. Fashion prevailed and she headed inside.

I shovelling the parking pad, around the cars, and the walkway to the front door. It wasn’t heavy snow, but there was just so much snow. I was winded at the beginning, then got in my stride, and then lost speed close to 2 hours later.

In the end my husband cleared the driveway with the snow blower. I did my magic with the shovel. The kids…well the kids played. Tomorrow the kids will help. I promise.

It’s very late. Snow stopped soome time ago. Excited to get out tomorrow and only have to sscrape a little snow of the paths. Hey, I’ll get the kids to do it while I relax on a snow bank!

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