Watch Time Fly in Style…Giveaway, too!

I wear very little jewelry. Scratch that. I wear no jewelry save my wedding ring and my watch. Over the years, I have been given…by my husband…several necklaces that are lovely. One is even sparkly. But, I am more comfortable wearing the ring and watch. I wear a necklace and my engagement ring once or twice a year.

I was never a girly girl. Even as a little girl I preferred to wear boyish clothes. Played with G.I. Joe. Not Rise of the Cobra Joe, but the G.I. Joe with the green camo uniform and the blue plastic underwear. I did play with dolls, but preferred my spy gear.

In my previous existence as a working girl I had to dress up for work. I was a communications associate for a trade association…read:  jack/jill of all trades. The office was a conduit for industry CEOs, senators, and congressmen/women. I interviewed Larry Craig, the senior representative from Idaho in his “pre-getting caught in the men’s room with his pants on the ground” days. I dressed well with MAKEUP and JEWLERY. But, as a WAHM who became a SAHM and now is a hybrid-WAHM-SAHM, jewelry and makeup and dressing well are so far down my priority list. But, a watch…a watch is my idea of jewelry.

Casio Waveceptor Women's WatchI was given the chance to review a gorgeous, stylish, and totally me watch.I’m sporting the Waveceptor LWA-M140 — a sporty watch for mom, aunt, or a teen.

This Waveceptor watch is great for anyone who is looking for a stylish watch with useful features to make life easier. The watch features:

  • Atomic Timekeeping, offering pinpoint accuracy, allows the watch to automatically receive time calibration signal updates on a daily basis from transmitters based on the user’s home city setting — say goodbye to fiddling to reset your watch on the plane.
  • Solar Power technology features a unique power saving function and allows Waveceptor timepieces to energize themselves through even the lowest level of illumination including natural, solar, or artificial light.
  • Watch combines style, advanced features, and affordability to make a great gift.
  • World Time — 29 times zones (48 cities), city code display, daylight saving on/off.
  • Daily Alarm.
  • Hourly Time Signal.
  • Countdown Timer
  • Auto Calendar (pre-programmed until the year 2099).

Giveaway for a lucky Musings from Me reader! I have a Casio Waveceptor for Women watch (LWA-M140) to giveaway. One comment = one entry. Enter now!

– What was your first watch and how old were you? It was a Timex with a blue strap and I was 8. I broke it by dropping it in a puddle…no water resistant watches back then!

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I was given the watch for review. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. Giveaway ends March 12, 2010 at 11:59 p.m.

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