#snOMG Leads to Snow Day

101_9405I love snow days! With a husband who is a teacher, snow days for our family mean a break from the routine of

– early mornings

– grumpy early morning risers

– cheerful early morning risers

– oblivious early monring risers

101_9389– picking a fight over anything early morning risers

– alarm clocks that ring and ring…throw in preteens who set their phones to ring to a tune…and you have a whole lot of ringing. Have I mentioned that between us we have 5 alarm clocks? All ring at different times. 

– teens who come down to breakfast about 1.5 seconds before the school bus arrives

101_9423– unpredictable bus drivers

– backpacks, lunchbags, science fair projects, costumes for plays, PE uniforms…

– afterschool activities

– driving to hither, thither, and yon

– homework, let us not forget homework 

Without a snow day, when would we make a Lego creation?

Without a snow day, when would we make a Lego creation?

– bedtime — the ever-popular bedtime!

So, for us a snow day is a little slice of heaven. A break from the everyday humdrum of racing about. A break…a well-deserved break.

Snow days = movies = snacking = napping for mommy and daddy

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