Sludge, Slime, and Other Yucky Stuff

This is just plain gross. This is the after shot from my ioncleanse experience. To back up I participated in the Middle School Health Fair. I represented Yoursphere. The turnout was on the low side…elementary school band concerts? lacrosse practice? apathy? Whatever the reason the vendors all had time on their hands to try each other’s wares?

The two popular vendors…the seated chair massage lady. My aching shoulders could have used a turn. The other hit was the naturopath doctor and his colleague. Both practiced holistic medicine. People were lining up to get what is shown in the photo done to them. Ewww. [Editor’s note: The white ssquare is a reflection, not a foreign object floating in the water.]
The process is ion cleanse. A tub of warm water is placed on the floor. An electrically charged device is added to the water. You place your feet in the warm water and watch for the water to turn from yellow to brown. Mine turned brown with lots of sludgy bits in about 25 minutes. Apparently I had dead skin cells, red blood cells, toxins, and other nasty stuff in my water.
I know it looks gross, but I have to tell you I feel great after the ioncleanse experience.
Would I do it again? Yes.

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