A Saving We Will Go, A Saving…

While I probably didn’t save as much as this person, I did have a banner day at Food Lion. I purchased milk, cheese, yogurt, pudding, frozen food, meat, cereal, snack food, and soda. Spent $156.82 — which doesn’t sound like I saved any money. But, I actually saved $16.35 in Food Lion MVP Savings and used a further $45.56 in coupons. So without the savings I would have spent $218.63. Yay me!

I spend a couple of coupons that were for free products. Thank you Yoplait and Macaroni Grill dinners. In fact I have a giveaway for Macaroni grill in the works…stay tuned.

I spent more than I planned because I purchased bags of Tyson_Any’Tizers. I’ll use them for quick dinners. Good for our crazy evening schedule, but a minus on the saving money category since the bags are about $8.99 — the $1 off coupon. A win for my grocery shop…yogurt. I’m in a lose weight phase [Editor’s Note: When are you ever not in a “losing weight phase.” Note from Me: Point taken, but Hmmph!] So, I stocked up on about 20 yogurts which with coupons was a good saving.

So, where do I get these coupons? Not from internet sites. I find the process of printing off coupons to be wasteful of paper and unnecessarily time consuming. I have the best luck with the Sunday Washington Post. Lots of coupons. Coupons coupled with FoodLion MVP deals make sense to be as a semi frugal shopper.

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