Simplifying My Life: Baby Steps…

It wasn’t so long ago that I was all but disconnected while outside the house. My only connectivity a nontexting, noninternet cell phone. Oh and did I mention it was a broken cell phone?? It worked but the screen was shattered. I’m a little cheap when it comes to technology. I can survive for quite a while with substandard equipment before finally caving and purchasing new. My teen refused to use my phone as the screen was broken. But, the phone still worked so I couldn’t dump it.

I broke the phone while skiing. I almost broke my son too as I tripped over my skis and fell into my ski pole. The cellphone stopped me from being stabbed by the ski pole. The cellphone was the filling in the sandwich…the filling that bit the dust when the piece of bread ski pole got in the way. Have I taken this too far??

Anyway my poor beleaguered legs were so weak after skiing for 3 days that I was unable to avoid falling on the boy. He might have squealed…it was not pretty. I may have been helped up by a good looking ski instructor with a look of pity on his face. After what seemed like hours he hauled my weary carcass off my son and helped me to my feet.

My son and  I did one more run and we were done. My Energizer Bunny son was even asking to go home. It’s not everyday that skiing turns in to a footballl pileup. I bet he never thought he would be on the bottom of the pileup! “Mommy, you ARE squishing me!”

But, back to technology… I could go off on a tangent about anything. Look shiny! The phone has saved my bacon at many an event whether blogging or nonblogging. That’s the thing with technology it helps moms function at a higher level with greater efficiency. 

Now, a phone is one thing but a Netbook is an entirely different ball of wax. So small. So compact. So want-able. I could seriously see myself getting so much done with a Netbook in my purse. The family laptop is just too heavy for carrying around. A Netbook would work for all those times when you are caught at soccer and think of an amusing, witty tale too tell on your blog which you must record immediately before you have a Mom Moment and completely forgot not only what you were thinking but what soccer goal your kid is supposed to be shooting at.   

HP With my family, I could use a little something to simplify something….anything about our lives. The Netbook HP Mini 110 with Windows 7 could help me when I am stuck in a carpool line. It could hellp my husband when he sits at volleyball tournaments, swim meets, and soccer matches. Can you tell what we do over the weekend??

Even my kids could get in on the act. e-mail for one. An online art program for the other. And games for the other. You name person in this family and I will show you someone who could find a tech gadget useful.

HP Mini 110-1100I wish I had one of these bad, but oh so useful, boys to give away. Instead there is a way one of you could win simply by leaving me a comment to this post. Mom Bloggers Club will randomly give away three HP Mini 110-1100 by Studio Tord Boontje PCs to the readers of the blogs who enter this contest!

So, leave a comment on this blog post to enter for a chance to win a HP Mini netbook.

I was not compensated to write this post. I wrote this post as my entry to the Simplify Your Life Sweepstakes.

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