Review & Giveaway: BABW Alvin & the Chipmunks

Build-a-Bear is just a magical place. After many years of watching my children make a Build-a-Bear at parties or on special visits I finally made a bear!! I had a bunch of coupons and special offers begging for me to use them. My plan was to get myself a BABW on the day my youngest started kindergarten. I usually go out to breakfast with friends. My son has accompanied me to the Back-to-School breakfasts since he was an infant. BABW sounded like a good plan, right!?

BABW AlvinExcept with all good plans there is always the fly in the ointment…the monkey in the wrench…the…well you get the idea. My children got wind of my plan and of course, wanted to (a) build the bear for me (the kid), (b) choose a fab outfit for the bear (the preteen), and (c) go to the mall not for BABW but for all the fun stores that she loves (the teen). So, my plans were changed, but in a fun way.

I got to watch my almost kindergartener build the bear for me — I chose this sweet little smiley guy. I told my kindergartener that I would snuggle the bear when I missed him. He liked that idea very much. He was my companion for 5 years once his sisters were in kindergarten and 2nd grade. He and I did so many things in that time…Moms Club…play groups…Toddler Time at church…B & O Railway MuseumFire Museum of Maryland…and parks, many, many parks!

Kindergarten with my girls was a huge event. We made a fuss of them in their first day of school. Special meal. Balloons from Mommy and Daddy, grandparents, and aunt and cousins for when the kindergarten came home on the first day. But with my girls I still had a little one at home when each started kindergarten. My son is the youngest so when he started K it was the end of an era…for both of us.

The start of a new era for him heralded a new venture for myself. Blogging! So you can see why I wanted to celebrate with a Build-a-Bear. Our trip to BABW was fun even if we never saw the teen or Coach Dad. Both headed in the direction of my daughter’s favorite store on earth — Hollister! The teen loved the BABW bear, but was grateful to be able to shop at the mall. I’m more of an online shopper!

The bear has been in my son’s capable hands since we brought him home dressed in his Olympic t-shirt and jeans. We added a couple more BABW friends to our family a few weeks ago. My kids are obsessed with the Squeakquel. Have you heard about this? The Squeakquel is the Sequel to Alvin and the Chipmunks. Now I saw the movie and thought it was a good film. My younger two saw and thought it was the BEST film ever! My husband took the younger two to see the Squeakquel while the teen and I shopped at Walmart. The mall is not close to us, but Walmart is…the teen will go anywhere as long as shopping is involved!

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