Simple Toys Are the Best #bestpals

Every so often I long for the days of basic. Simple. No power. No need for AA batteries. Just straight forward simple toys. Blocks. A doll house. Trains and cars. And of course, dolls.

My husband and I don’t usually fight. We especially don’t fight about dolls. But, we had a doozy of a tiff over a doll. I had asked my husband to stop by the toy store to pick up a doll. Not just any doll, but a small, simple doll for our 18-month-old. I’m not sure why I insisted that he needed to pick this doll up on his way home from work. Why did I need it so urgently? Let’s just say my daughter was really in to dolls and the only doll she had was a large plastic stiff doll that was a pain to lug around everywhere. This doll took up at least half the stroller when she and Dolly rode together. We had more than one tantrum when Dolly couldn’t be located. How could a doll so large get lost so easily? Hmmmm.

When my husband returned home with the doll, it wasn’t a pretty scene. Yes, he got a doll, but the doll was too intricate. Too many frills. Not really suitable for a toddler. Yes, I could stuff it in the diaper bag, but it was still not the doll I had asked for. I know, I know, I am a hard person to shop for. Ask my husband!

If you are looking for a simply lovely line of toys look no further than Best Pals.¬† A singing duo of sisters — Kathy and Janet Lennon — longed to record songs from their childhood and while they were doing that recreate their beloved homemade rag dolls. The Lennon Sisters wanted children to share music and special moments with their best pals. And that is how the Best Pals line was created. Stay tuned for a chance to win something from the Best Pals line! Post coming soon!

Kathy and Janet each have dolls that are exact replicas of the dolls they had in the late 1940s. The dolls are made with vintage fabrics with yarn hair. Kathy’s doll is a brunette, while Janet’s doll is blonde. Each doll is a numbered, limited edition. The clothes are removable and you can buy more outfits. The dolls are just right for small hands. Each doll comes with a special Best Pals baby bead necklace. This necklace can be removed if the doll is being given to a younger child.

Kathy and Janet’s Best Pals even have a line of multicultural dolls — Isabelle, Lily, and Sofia. A new doll for the collection is a baby doll — Danny, the Lennon sister’s first brother. All Best Pals dolls are available for $26.95.

In addition to dolls, the Best Pals collection includes music for little ones:

  • All Aboard for Blanket Bay — a collection of lullabies
  • The Best Pals CD — a collection of sweet songs to inspire young children¬† to share special moments together
  • Best Pals Sing Together — a collection of children’s classic songs — A Bushel and a Peck, Candy man, and many more
  • Best Pals Celebrate Christmas — Old time favorites — Away in a Manger, Silent Night — to new favorites — Charlie Brown’s Christmas.

Longing for your child to have a perfectly simple yet fun gift? The Best Pal Dolls are a perfect choice. In fact, you can even buy a Kathy or Janet gift set — complete with doll, suitcase, music CD, nightie, and a certificate. Both are available for $59.99.

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I was provided with two Best Pals dolls and a Best Pals tea set to facilitate my review. The views expressed in this post are my own. I follow the tenets of Blog With Integrity.



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