I’m a late to the game TV watcher. My husband got immersed in 24 around Season 2. Soon I couldn’t get enough of the show. I’m doing the same with Dallas. Is Dallas in its secoond season? I have no idea since I only started watching recently. Again, my husband was more on top of what is current on TV than I was. Why is this? Well, probably because I watch only reality TV and the news. When I watch Chopped or Hoarders or Intervention, I can watch an episode, miss a few and really miss nothing since each episode is a self-contained story in and of itself.

Now drama shows are harder to “get in to.” I wanted to find a show to watch since I am a bit reality TV’d out. Yes, even a self-described reality TV junkie can have her fill of the heart ache and the weird and the bizarre that is realuty TV programming. So it was off to Netflix to search for a show that I could sink my teeth in to. The first season of Downton Abbey was an instant hit with me. I devoured those episodes and then…pouff…no more…I could find no more episodes on Netflix. Sad panda. Had a slight reprieve when I found Season 2 on amazon. Still need to catch up on Season 3 episodes since I didn’t want to get too far ahead before I had watched the Season 2 episodes.

Once Downton Abbey was off limits, I had to find something else to watch. Tried American Horror Story. Uh…creepy…too off beat for me. I was surprised as I wanted to like it. Jessica Lange is one of my fave actresses, but this show was too much for me. Had to find something else.

Enter Scandal. I first heard about it on Facebook. Saw the hashtag. Found the first season on Netflix…where else? Watched all of them. Several I watched twice to make sure I understood the plot. Oh my, the plot twists and turns on those early episodes were intense. Hence why I had to watch episodes more than once. As the last episode of Season 1 ended, I was left high and dry. No more episodes. More sad panda. Netflix has an annoying habit of only having a limited number of shows available for a series. Why is that? So I had to break with my “protocol” and watch the newest episodes when I hadn’t caught up with the previous season.

So now I’m “caught up” on the episodes showing on FIOS On Demand. But what season is it? Season 2 or 3? Anyone know?


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