Rubbermaid Rocks: A Giveaway

rubbermaid-in-cabinetHands up if you have opened a kitchen cabinet and had Rubbermaid tubs and lids fall on you? *raising hand in the air* Hands up if you have searched in vain for a Rubbermaid lid or a tub? *hands waving madly around*

I’m what you would call an organized disorganized person. By that I mean…I know where some things are, but am clueless about the location of other things. I have systems in place for some things, but not others. I’m a mystery wrapped in a riddle enveloped by a conundrum.

My system for the kitchen is that every group of items has a home in one of the cabinets. It works — most of the time:

  • Pans
  • Serving bowls
  • Cleaning products
  • Plastic bags, foil, brown paper bags
  • Plastic tubs and lids

The “plastic tub ‘n lid cabinet” is my current nemesis. I stack and sort and rearrange and sort again and reconfigure and… Well, you get the idea. After a while I will end up with 5 large tubs and 4 lids or 5 large lids and 4 tubs.

Where are the missing lids and tubs? I have no clue except that they are probably in the same place as all my missing socks. I “just cannot get a grip” as my 6 year old tells himself when he is attempting to tie his shoes.

I am a life-long, all be it disorganized, fan of Rubbermaid. I love the possibilities available to me as I look at containers of all shapes and sizes. Dating back to early married days, I have had Rubbermaid tubs. When I connected on twitter with Rubbermaid, I was offered the chance to review whopping 20-piece . Wow…what a cool set of tubs and lids.

The 20-piece set has 4 types of Rubbermaid tubs and lids:

  • Easy Find Lids — lids lock in to bottom. I dropped one set off the dining room table…the lids and tubs remained attached to each other.
  • Produce Saver –features the Fresh Vents insert to provide needed airflow for produce.
  • Premier — crystal clear plastic tubs make anything inside look absolutely scrumptious. Great for take a dip or dish to a party. The tub is nice enough to eat out of.
  • Lock-its — locking tabs provide an extra secure seal. Great for spaghetti sauce and soup. 

Would you like to own a 20-piece set from Rubbermaid? Leave a comment telling me what you would store in the Rubbermaid tubs. I would store grapes in the Produce Saver with the Fresh Vents insert.

For extra chances to win:

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Giveaway ends June 20, 2009, at 11:59 a.m.

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