Review: TripFlix

tripflixTripFlix is a unique concept in children’s programming — the viewer gets to decide how the story will end.  The TripFlix DVD features over 25 destinations in the U.S., which are visited by two engaging presenters.

As your child watches TripFlix he can decide where to go in the U.S. My children — aged 6, 10, 13 — took turns deciding where Alex and Emily ventured on their trip. The 6 yo wanted Alex and Emily to go to Space Camp, so the 13 yo selected that scene. The 10 yo decided on Sea World. The kid, the preteen, and the teen kept choosing different destinations. The more they participated the more engaged all three were in the DVD. Bonus — no arguing during DVD!

TripFlix features 25 fun destinations in the U.S. coast-to-coast. The DVD is fun for all ages.  There’s something here for everyone! These family-friendly adventures are sure to entertain for countless hours, while teaching valuable lessons about the history and culture of the United States of America.

TripFlix was developed by a local-to-me family — Dave and Ilana Bittner of Columbia, Maryland. The Bittners wanted to find a way to engage kids on a long car ride trip. At the time the Bittners developed TripFlix,car DVD systems were new. I think I might pack TripFlix for our next car journey.

TripFlix reminds me of these books. Do you remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books? My oldest two loved these books. Both loved selecting where the story would go.

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