Review: Sweets ‘n’ Treats by Tracey Singer

sweets-n-treatsHave you heard about Sweets ‘n’ Treats? I’m always on the look out for children’s music that I can listen to. It seems that so often, the music kids listen to is for want of a better word — sugary.

For me sugary = turn the CD off now! But as you know kids would never hear of turning of the CD player. In fact my youngest would play music louder if he thought I didn’t like it. I have become adept at finding music that WE both like listening to. Win!

I was contacted by the Milkshake’s PR rep about a new singer I should watch out for! Check out TraceySinger! Want a listen to one of his songs? Click here.

The album has a little something for everyone. Christmas in July is a fun song. The Moon is Here is more lullaby-ish.  Swimming is just the happiest song! Nana Nana Boo Boo is hilarious — every kid has used this refrain too often for my liking!

Check out Sweets ‘n’ Treats — you won’t regret it!

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I was provided with the CD for review.

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