Review: Pretzel Crisps

pretzel-crispsI tweeted to win a box of Pretzel Crisps back in July. In blogging terms that is so last century.

I’m here to tell you — Pretzel Crisps are delish! I tested the bags out on my family when we were on the beach. All agreed that Pretzel Crisps make a great snack on or off the beach.

Some details from the Pretzel Crisp website:

– Irresistibly Crunchy… Irresistibly Healthy, too.

– 0 Trans Fat

– 0 Saturated Fat

– 0 Cholesterol

– baked pretzel goodness

– 6 delicious varieties — Original, Everything, Garlic, Honey Mustard & Onion, Buffalo Wing, and Chipotle Cheddar — I tried all flavors except the Chipotle Cheddar…this must be a new flavor!

Want to learn more about Pretzel Crisps — join here!

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