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 With the dawn of the new school year, I instituted a new nightly routine. The routine centers around TV, and for that matter all types of screens — wii, TV, DS. I gave each child 3 index cards. For each homework assignment completed, each child will earn 10 minutes of screen time for a total of 30 minutes a night. I still have veto power — too late to turn on TV, attitude during homework time…means no screen time.

With three children who want to watch three different programs on TV at any given time. Plus the need for children to finish homework before screen time begins, I will have my work cut out for me to follow through on this challenge. But, I am up for the challenge.

My son earned screentime on Thursday, but it was too late to watch so he got to play MySims Agents as a reward. Win for both of us. He was thrilled. I packed for the weekend.

My Sims Agents

We love My Sims in this house. My daughter received My Sims Kingdom for Christmas — she loved it! I’m not crazy about The Sims — all these games seem too mature for my kids, but the My Sims games are just right for us.

My son had a fun time setting up his agent. He talkd to his sisters about the setup process, that both girls are anxious to get started with My Sims Agent. He loves action figures, spies, and anything super hero — so the game was riight up his alley.

MySims Agents is available for wii for $46.99 and DS for $27.99.

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