My History with General Hospital

I watched my first episode as a college freshman in…mumble…1983. I was visiting a friend in NJ. I found the plot utterly baffling. Luke and Laura were at a concert in South America. There was a man with a mysterious black spot. Huh??

Fast forward to 1990 when I married my husband. I knew he was a GH watcher — he started watching when his grandmother got sick. In fact, his grandmother met “Robert Scorpio” at a meet and greet at a pizza place in Rockville, MD.

Little did I know that my husband taped GH each day. I would watch with him as it was time we spent together. For the most part our TV viewing is not compatible: he likes sports, Star Trek, and more sports while I like reality TV, the news, and entertainment shows. GH was a common bond for us!

By watching on a daily basis, the plot was less baffling. I saw characters come and go. I saw actors replaced. I realized that only on a soap opera could you get away with “the part of Lucky will be played by Jonathan Jackson”!

I did not see the L&L wedding, but feel as though I have seen it since it is referred to frequently. Flashbacks help viewers keep track of complicated storylines.

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