Take a Step Toward Health with Immuno Gum

Disclosure: I was sent a pack of Immuno Gum to facilitate my review. The views expressed in this post are my own.

gum_trioIt’s a family joke that I chew gum once a year. It’s an exaggeration, but not by much. I love gum. Love the taste when I first bite in to a piece of gum, especially gum that comes in a cube or pellet. Love the flavor bursting on my tongue. Love the way the gum makes my mouth feel refreshed. But as soon as I bite in to gum, I know what will happen. I know that in a matter of minutes¬† the inevitable will happen. I’ll be happily chewing and before I know it I will feel a familiar pain on the inside of my cheek. The pain of my teeth biting the inside of my mouth. Ouch.

What can I say I love chewing gum so much that I am a VERY vigorous chewer. I have no sense of moderation. I cannot chew slowly and carefully. Nope. I have one speed with chewing and that is fast. The inside of my mouth is not safe from the power of my jaws and teeth. I’m like Jaws!

Last night, I gave a brand of gum the good old college try. Ordinarily, I would push the gum packet aside, rub the inside of my mouth gingerly with my tongue, and thank my lucky stars that there will be no injuries today! But, instead I had to try this gum.

I was sent a sample pack of Immuno Gum. My daughter and I each ate a piece of gum.  Immuno Gum:

  • is a simple, highly effective chewing gum.
  • that administers immune system-boosting ingredients in an instant.
  • has 6 key ingredients to boost your immune system.
  • is vegan-, gluten-, and sugar-free.
  • Comes in three flavors: Mint, Citrus with Vitamin C, and Mixed Berry.
  • is sold at the suggested retail price of $3.49.
  • is sold at Vitamin World, amazon, and NewsLink.

With cold and flu season in full swing, I felt compelled to give Immuno Gum a try.¬† I tried the Mint and so did my daughter. Immuno Gum was refreshing and best of all…I didn’t bite the inside of my mouth. For best results, chew 2 pieces of gum a day to help keep cold and flu away.

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