Review & Giveaway: Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt — My Blog Anniversary

Things that make me say “Ohm.”

– when my teen is giving me the rolled eyes.

– when my preteen can’t locate the thing I just handed her a minute ago.

– when my kid runs around my dining room with a light saber AND a ninja sword.

So during my day I have many moments when I want to say “Ohm.” I want to regain control over the mess…the chaos…the disruptions. I cling to the moments of calm to keep me centered through the moments of chaos.

Chaos equals our M-F afterschool schedule. Two playing volleyball. One swimming. One doing soccer, basketball, and t-ball. Not to mention clarinet, math facts, middle school homework, spelling tests, physical therapy exercises, and a host of other things I cannot remember, but will recall in the middle of the night when I wake up in a panic. I really need an “Ohm” for the middle of the night panic sessions!


stoneyfield-single-serving-oikosOf course while my kid, preteen, and teen are at school I have no need for “Ohm.” During the school day I am a picture of relaxation and calmness. Me = not a care in the world. I sit and drink decaff coffee (I know, I know…it is a sad state of affairs, but necessary) and write posts and follow twitter and choose winners and enjoy the heck out of whatever it is that I am doing.

My calm day ends as a trio of whirlwinds run in to the house. You never know which kid will be surly and not want to talk to me. It surprises me when a kid who rarely talks after school is clamouring to tell me all about his or her day. And then there are the squabbles over who will hold the remote control, who will choose the channel, or who is talking too loud so that the dialogue from a mindless kids’ show can be heard. Scream away kids as the kids’ show can be watched without hearing the words as the plotlines are so predictable.

Sometimes my peace and quiet is shattered by a forgotten homework assignment or a lost textbook or a request for an obscure school supply — protractor or trifold display board anyone??

So why am I posting about my need for “Ohm”? Go here to find out!

stoneyfield-oikos-greek-yogurtGIVEAWAY FOR MUSINGS FOR ME READERS! The giveaway will help you relax and renew at home and includes:


– coupons for 4 free containers of Oikos organic Greek yogurt

– a reusable Oikos tote bag

– the “Take- 5” Anti-Stress spa kit from Earth Therapeutics, which includes a loofah massage sponge, Anti-Stress massage soap, a body brush, Anti-Stress massage lotion, and a soothing gel eye mask.

Enter to win the Oikos Greek Yogurt Relaxation Pack by leaving a comment. One comment = one entry.

– How do you relax? I curl up with a good book.

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I wrote this post as part of the Stonyfield Oikos Greek Yogurt contest. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. Giveaway ends November 16 at 11:59 p.m.


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