Reuniting Old Friends with a wii

I have spent the last month or so making connections over the web, joining Facebook, starting a blog, twittering…basically spreading myself around the internet. If I am honest with myself I am not doing just such a great job keeping up with friends and family. So, why I am more enthusiastic about making new friends I will likely never meet when I neglect the family and friends I already have. I would have to say the major problem is that I am busy with kids, cleaning, and homework and in the evenings when I could get on the phone and call my mom to chat or go out for a drink with a friend. I am frankly just plain tired.

In rereading the sentence about why I don’t call my mom, I feel awful about not keeping in better contact. You see my mom lives 30 minutes from my house, so I see her every holiday, birthday dinners, and whenever she is able to babysit. The fact is that I have a hard time communicating with my mother. She is slightly deaf so having a phone conversation is quite challenging. When I talk with my mom I cannot do anything else…I need to listen to her and repeat myself. She does not use e-mail. I really should take her out to lunch. I will make a pact with myself to make a more concerted effort to keep in better contact with my mother. I am lucky to have a mother who is invvolved in my life and in my children’s life.

So, tonight two old friends got together. My husband and my friend’s husband went to high school and college together. There were several of us who became couples at the same time and experienced weddings, first babies, and second and third children together. We were fully involved in each other’s lives until our oldest children entered elementary school. At that point the challenges of scheduling a get-together were complicated by school events, soccer matches, music lessons, you name it. Depending on the day either we were busy or our friend’s were.

Well, now are children are 5/6, 10, and 12, and really we both felt the need to just go ahead and schedule the get-together for pete’s sake. We put it on the calendar in ink and followed through. The adults got chatting. The older kids re-acquainted themselves. The younger kids introduced themselves. A good time was had by all. Pizza and wii were just the ticket to get our families back together.

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