Representing DC and Baltimore Moms

I straddle two markets. What started as an inconsistency when I answered the question “where do you live?” with “D.C.” or “Baltimore” or “D.C./Baltimore,” has turned in to a passion to be a part of both markets. See wishy-washy-ness pays off!

I am close enough to DC for my husband to work in a DC commuter belt county. Close enough to Baltimore to be able to drive to the city in less than an hour. I blog about visiting the Newseum and Port Discovery, as well as locations between the two cities.

If asked I truly could not tell you which city I prefer. Not that I want to live in either city. No, both are too hustly and bustly and then there is the traffic. No, I’m happy hanging in my semirural, 4-H, farming community with intermittent cell phone coverage and a dead deer sighting on the side of the road

Both cities provide fodder for my writing. I write about DC tourist spots. Activities for DC-area preschoolers. But then I write about raising tweens in Baltimore. I like having a toe in each city.

About a year ago I took on a leadership role with a DC site for moms. I have had a blast managing DC CityMommy. I get to split my time between promoting the site/securing advertising to writing interesting topics for the message board. I’m learning about “running” a business while letting my creative juices flow. I’m getting more skillful at the art of writing message board topics that someone will not only read, but comment on. Bonus I have the safety net of the CityMommy network behind me. A win-win for me.

Live in DC Metro including Maryland and Virginia? Join DC CityMommy!


I am absolutely fascinated by blog design. I find HTML coding to be a foreign language. I have learned how to create code for a button, but the process to create a button is clunky and not smooth. When I hear about someone starting a site from scratch I am envious. I want to be that creative, but my lack of coding skill is a definite drawback. Enter CityMommy.

One day Dayna — founder extraordinaire of CityMommy — mentioned that a launch of two sites on the outskirts of Baltimore was in the pipeline. I immediately got interested. I proposed that I create/launch one site for Baltimore. CityMommy provided the framework for the site…all I had to do was enter events, places of interest, flesh out the directory, and voila a site was born. It wasn’t a simple as that — I loathe data entry —  but you get the idea. So, without further ado, I present to you Baltimore CityMommy!

Do you live in Baltimore City or Baltimore county? Or do you live in the counties of Anne Arundel, Carroll, Frederick, Harford or Howard? Yes! Join us at Baltimore CityMommy!


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