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There is finally a solution to rock hard brown sugar! Real Simple suggests throwing two marshmallows in the open bag of brown sugar so the next time you make oatmeal, the brown sugar will be just as soft as the day you bought it. For more simple solutions, pick up a copy of Real Simple’s October issue on newsstands now.

I love simple solutions that make you say “Why didn’t I think of that!” My two cents’ worth solutions:

– I used dental floss to keep the sides of a hotel room crib from coming apart. I tied the dental floss around the bars as a quick fix.

– I sewed a broken zip of a carryon bag with dental floss as well.

– I use zip loc bags to hold puzzles.

– I store games and small toys in rubbermaid boxes to keep all the pieces together. Perfect for sets of magnets, wooden blocks, or alphabet letters.

– I store all our school supplies in a 7-drawer cart. We never need to search for a pencil now.

– I use milk crates stacked on top of each other to store shoes.

– In a pinch I attach a paper towel to my Swiffer mop to create a makeshift floor cloth.

– I water down liquid soap as it gets down to the bottom of the container.

What do you do to solve a problem? I’d love to hear…leave a comment.

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