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I shared my journey to perfect vision with all of you a couple of days ago. I was a glasses wearer, a contact lens only wearer, a contact lens and sometimes glasses wearer, and finally a glasses only wearer. I remember how happy I was the day I wore contact lenses for the first time. After wearing glasses since I was 11, the contact lenses I wore were the next best thing to perfect vision. I wore them all day everyday. I was fastidious about cleaning the lenses. Scrubbed my hands and nails thoroughly. I much preferred wearing contact lenses to glasses.

All was well until I got pregnant. Suddenly the contact lenses didn’t fit as well. Towards the end of all three pregnancies I had to switch back to glasses. My eyes were too sensitive to the lenses. Or maybe I was too tired to wear them. Certainly I wore contacts less and less until finally I was wearing glasses 24/7.  Somewhere around the time my son was a toddler I underwent laser eye surgery…Lasix. True to form I thoroughly researched my surgeon, the procedure, and even the facility where the surgery would be performed.

As I mentioned in my last post, the moment when I could read the blurry numbers on the coffee pot was an amazing moment. I couldn’t have been happier with my laser surgery. I hadn’t see as clearly in years. My vision improved in leaps and bounds. Within days I was back to reading, driving, and my normal everyday routine. I still reached for the glasses, but soon stowed the glasses away for good.

I’d been told by my surgeon and every other eye care professional I had ever talked to that I would eventually need reading glasses…even after laser eye surgery. While I’m not bothered by my age, I do wish I could turn back the clock so I wouldn’t need reading glasses. But, alas I can’t avoid it any longer and need them.

A blogging friend reached out to me before BlogHer about a project she was working on. She was looking for bloggers to review a new concept in eye glasses. I was game. I was also the perfect candidate since I needed reading glasses anyway.

I started looking in to Rivet & Sway. And liked why I saw (pun intended!). Rivet & Sway want to make getting a pair of glasses easy and inexpensive. And I’m all for both.

Choice #1 The Je Ne Sais Quoi -- Choice #2 The Derring Do -- Choice #3 The Pinstripe

Rivet & Sway offer a THREE step process. Simple, straightforward, and satisfying! Here’s how the process works:

  1.  You browse the selection of frames online. You can select (women’s frames only) frames by color…face shape…width. I was able to narrow my search. Since I’ve worn glasses before I was able to narrow my search to three styles that I knew would work for me. If you haven’t worn glasses before, do a few searches to find a style you like and then…
  2. Once you find a style you like click on the “Try On At Home Free” button so that a demo pair of glasses can be sent to your home. Add up to THREE styles of glasses to the Rivet & Sway shopping cart and…
  3. You’ll receive a very nifty Rivet & Sway Try-On Package. All three pairs of Try-On glasses are stored in individual cardboard boxes. I was able to try on each pair, model for my kids and husband, and decide which style worked for me.

And then I did whatever every self-respecting blogger does…I crowd sourced my choices on Facebook. My family know me well and chose one style. I know what style works for me so I chose another style. So I needed my Facebook family and friends to weigh on on which pair of Rivet & Sway glasses I should get.

The responses were interesting. Most of my FB friends and family like Choice #1 The Je Ne Sais Quoi. But I was leaning towards Choice #2 The Derring Do. My family, on the other hand, was all about Choice #3 The Pinstripe. Decisions. Decisions. Which one did I choose?

The Derring Do!

I know what I know and I know that The Derring Do in Licorice would work best for me. I loved that I could try on the glasses in the comfort of my home. I tried them on in my kitchen. I didn’t have to stand at a mirror in the eye glasses store and switch from one pair of glasses to the next. I modeled for my kids and husband. I took pics, well actually I had my son take photos of me in all three pairs. In no time at all I uploaded the pics to Facebook to see what friends and family thought of my new glasses.

So what do you think of my new glasses? Do you like? I hope so!

Here’s how you can purchase glasses from Rivet & Sway:

  • Go to rivetandsway.com to find what styles work for you and to order your Home Try-On Kit.
  • Browse the selection of frames to find three styles to add to your Home Try-On Kit.
  • Once you receive your Home Try-On Kit, play with the glasses. See what works for you.
  • Return all three glasses in the Home Try-On Kit to Rivet & Sway using the mailing package once you have chosen the style that works for you.
  • Then go back to rivetandsway.com, find the style you chose, and checkout.
  • You will be asked to provide your eye prescription (Rx) or you can have Rivet & Sway call your eye care provider. Remember, you will need to have your pupillary distance in order to order glasses.
  • At checkout, use coupon code: CWHOUB0066FB0F for a 20% discount: 20%. Coupon code expires 8/26.

I was sent a Home Try-On Kit from Rivet & Sway to facilitate my review. I paid for my own eye exam as my prescription was out of date (Rx must be less than two years old). I was sent a pair of reading glasses — frames and lenses — by Rivet & Sway. The views expressed in this post are my own. I follow the tenets of Blog With Integrity.

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